Eat , Drink and Be Merry For Tomorrow….:Christmas Menu in Colonial Va.

Cooks job is never done: Cover from Jane Austen's Cookbook

Christmas brings out the nesting instinct in me; you know, decorate, cook, wrap, ho,ho,ho. I’ve been reading a lot of recipes lately since I’ve been home and stumbled on some really interesting sites. I know this should be on the “Let’s Burn Something” page but thought a wider audience would enjoy this.

Timeline for Christmas meals from 17th Century England to 1960’s America- The food hasn’t changed all that much.

Check out what the Colonial Virginians were eating for Christmas.

[1770s] Christmas Day: Wassail, Cheese Wafers, Williamsburg Inn Chilled Crab Gumbo, Roast Young Tom Turkey, Fresh Mushroom Dressing, King’s Arms Tavern Creamed Celery with Pecans, Heart of Lettuce, Russian Dressing, Eggnogg Pie and/or Ambrosia, Mince Pie with Rum Butter Sauce.” —The Williamsburg Cookbook, Traditional and Contemporary Recipes Initially Compiled and Adapted by Letha Booth and the Staff of Colonial Williamsburg with Commentary by Joan Parry Dutton, updated and enlarged [Colonial Williamsburg Foundation:Williamsburg VA] 1975 (p. 15) [NOTE: Christmas in Colonial Virginia, Colonial Williamsburg]

Also, check out the “Christmas in Colonial Virginia” site for interesting Christmas things. 

Housekeeper's book: 1782


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