2012 Tentative Schedule of Events Up and Running

Ring in the 2012 Revolutionary War Season!

The tentative schedule of events for the 2012 season is up and rolling. I still have a few blank dates to fill but  if you see anything missing or know of any dates that are different, please drop me a comment. While scouting around event by event, I happen to come up on 2012 lists from other groups we know. You might want to consult with these as well to see what other things are  happening in the areas.

This be us :o) :      http://www.sycamoreshoalstn.org/Special%20Events%202012.htm    Please note the Friends meetings once a month on Thursdays.

Our friends, the SC Rangers :       http://www.scrangers.com/

The Jaegers:                                     http://www.jaegerkorps.org/Schedule2012b.html

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