Webshots Albums: Editor’s Choice

Webshots Featured Album

A few weeks before Christmas I was bombarded with several emails from all over the world. These were people I didn’t know, congratulating me on something I didn’t know I did. For several years, I’ve had a paid subscription to a photo service called Webshots. It does several things which I need not go into now but since I’ve been doing this blog, I’ve uploaded my photos,Retha’s and Ken’s, Doug Walsh and Randy Curde’s photos as well, to share with the membership. I was notified that the albums were featured on the Homepage of Webshots and was seen by hundreds of thousands. WOW!




3 responses to “Webshots Albums: Editor’s Choice

  1. Well now, and isn’t that a fine thing! Congratulations! Perhaps those images will encourage some to travel a bit to see for themselves what a fine group you are! 🙂


    • Ramona

      Well Miss Maggie,
      Tanks for your well wishes and also God be with ye on yur anniversary as was. Eye hope that this year brings you and yours blessings heaped at your feet and in your hearts.


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