Thinking about Guilford and Beyond

Isabella Furgeson's tombstone; They should have carved "patriot" on it as well!

“I am a rebel, glorying in the name. My brothers are rebels, and the dog Trip is a rebel too… Rebel and be free that is my creed.” – Isabella Barber Ferguson, 1780. When Mrs. Ferguson’s husband was being convinced by his brother, a colonel in the British Army ,  to join the Loyalist cause in South Carolina, Mrs. Ferguson had another thing in mind! Ultimately she threatened to divorce her husband, Samuel, if he joined his brothers in their opinions. Now that’s some kind of woman, there!

I’ve been packing my things, notably my musket and cartridges, accountements and all that goes with creeping in the woods and I’m thinking that this lady would have been in her element had she been alive today. While I was ironing my one of two shirts, I was thinking I still feel odd at the thought of being cannon fodder and am hoping I don’t disgrace myself during drill (“Hayfoot…”) but when I think of Isabella Furgeson who had everything to lose, very little to gain if the rebels lost and you have to think it was one hell of a longs shot, it makes me think that where she me right now, she wouldn’t hesitate in doing a lot of things.

If you want to read more about Furgeson and others, check out this google book: The Women of the Revolution, Elizabeth Fries Ellet,



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