The Fair Seamstress, John Bowles, 1764

To the Washington Co. Militia,


I met with Jennifer today and we discussed the mannequins that will be in our new museum. There are eight total and are as follows…


1. Longhunter

2. Pre-contact Native Woman hoeing a plot of corn, beans, and squash

3. Dragging Canoe

4. Cherokee warrior setting fire to the fort wall

5. Anne Robertson hoisting a bucket to put out the fire

6. Fort Defender

7. Overmountain Rifleman

8. Overmountain Officer


In an effort to make sure that the mannequins are dressed and equiped in a period correct manner I am asking a favor in the way of donations of clothing pieces and accouterments. If you are willing to donate an item or items please let me know by next Friday, August 10. The exhibits company has contracted with Steve Ricker to dress and accouter the Native American so they are well taken care of. It is the white/settler figures I am concerned about. If you are interested please let me know ASAP and I will talk with you about what we are looking for.


Take Care,


Major Bogart



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2 responses to “MAJOR BOGART SAYS: ALL CALL FOR MUSEUM MANNEQUINS OUTFITS (Dressing for dummies :o)

  1. Le Loup

    How can we be sure that these mannequins will be dressed in authentic clothing? What date will they represent? Just saying 18th century will not be good enough. Will these be available online for those of us who can not visit?
    Regards, Keith.


  2. Jenny

    I’m afraid not directly related, but the easiest way I know to get this in front of folk who’d know.

    … this kettle look familiar? 🙂


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