Some Terrific Things from People Who Love Us

Looks pretty Serious to me and Tammy Fletcher!


We are so blessed to have many readers of this blog who are not members of the regiment and I think it’s time to tell them all THANK YOU for the interest you show and the comments you make! On an average day, there are over 250 readers and that’s pretty good for a blog that is untagged and not exactly aimed at the general public. Over time, the regiment has gained    interest from many people, some who have commented so regularly they seem part of the family and I’m a little disappointed when I don’t see their names  pop up. Again, to those who follow this blog, thank you for your interest, your “like” clicks  and the wonderful comments you make.

Tammy Fletcher saw this picture on the Spartanburg County Historical Association homepage on Facebook and alerted me to it, saying it would be a great picture for the blog. I think she is totally right. You can sure make out some really serious faces here like the Major, John Cornett and Chris Taylor.  I don’t know where it was taken but I suspect it was at Walnut Grove.


Doug Ledbetter forwarded an email to me from Gerald Jack who is a regular reader of this blog .I just wish he lived closer (Gerald lives in California) so we would have the benefit of his vast storehouse of anecdotes and wisdom. Thinking of the Democratic Convention held in Charlotte, Gerald sent the following message to Doug.

“My 4 great grandfather, Colonel George Gillespie’s daughter, Martha Gillespie, was the wife of my 3 great grandfather Jeremiah Jack Sr. 1750 – 1833, who was a member of the Washington Militia. Captain James Jack bearer of the Mecklenburg Declaration of independence, from Charlotte, North Carolina to Philadelphis, on May 20th 1775, is a first cousin once removed to Jeremiah Jack Sr. Capt Jack’s Charlotte tavern keeper father, Patrick Jack Jr., is Jeremiah Jack’s great uncle. I don’t have Ramona’s e-mail, do you mind forwarding this letter to her. We really would appreciate it.

Thank you folks for restoring the Gillespie House. We saw it when it was in very bad condition. I enjoy receiving the news on the Washington Militia.”

Walnut Grove Plantation


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4 responses to “Some Terrific Things from People Who Love Us

  1. Gerald Jack

    Thank you Doug and Ramona. Ramona It was nice of you to include the history of Captain James Jack’s relatonship to my Jack and Gillespie family. I wish I lived closer and could participate in the events but now I’m older so I would have to settle at being a spectator. I really appreciate rceiving the news from you all and seeing and reading about the events you bring it alive to me.

    Best regards to you and all of the Washinton Militia.

    Gerald Jack


  2. I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog!


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