Digging in for Winter; Thinking of the Fun of Fall- the September Muster

Overmountain Men , women and kids at work and play

It’s hard to think winter is almost upon us. If you asked me earlier in the week whether I thought winter was actually here when temperatures plummeted from 86 to 33 in a 24 hour period, I would have said “Heck , yes!” It did make me think, though, of the   last muster , The Overmountain Victory Trail muster on September 22-23, wishing for that balmy weather again  .

Attendance at the musters this summer have been rather light but such was not the case at the September Muster. The weather was wonderful; crisp and autumnal and oh, so comfortable. Saturday was marvelous with public attendance  upwards of 600-700 people. It was a hectic time at the fort and on Saturday,  the Regiment  was literally tied to their battle stations, answering questions, demonstrating a day in the life of people who roughly  lived 230 years ago. At one point, I was able to leave cabin 4 and go to the Talbot House to see the Bennetts. I couldn’t even find Lisa as there had to be thirty people or more jammed into that cabin so I took a deep breath and made a quick exit. The militia on this weekend honored those fearless men who gathered together in fury to force march to Kings Mountain where they blitzed Furgeson and the loyalists at Kings Mountain. While the Overmountain Victory celebration didn’t occur until the Tuesday following the muster, the excitement of the time was still very much in evidence. The real flavor of the time could be felt at the primitive camp where  Kim was roasting some mystery carcass on a spit over an open fire and everybody down there was gnawing on bones, caveman style . I could just imagine those men waiting to go, catching and roasting some critter on the night before their departure. The big draw was the cannon demonstration. Everybody loves a big boom, to be sure.  On Saturday, after the crowds left, everyone breathed easier. After a relaxing dinner, Chad took us through the new museum as-will-be, pointing out where everything will be and how it has been designed. I can’t wait until it’s done as it will be SPECTACULAR!!! To our friends in Australia and California, Jennifer, the ranger- in- Chief, is looking into the possibility of a virtual tour of the museum so stay tuned.

Sunday was just as beautiful as Saturday but the pace was not near as punishing. Chad led a beautiful service and there was enough time before the crowds came for everyone to just be thankful to have a wonderful weekend and the fellowship we all enjoy. Chad guesstimated the public attendance to be about three hundred on Sunday, no mean feat on a day where there was so much going on in the community. As he likes to say, “A good time was had by all…”

Thanks to Doug Walsh for his marvelous pictures.


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