Old Christmas and Last Minute Things

To the Washington County Militia,


I hope that this finds everyone well and happy after a wonderful Christmas and New Year season. I apologize for not contacting you all earlier, but the holidays combined with illness have hindered my ability to correspond earlier. As you all know this weekend is our Old Christmas Muster at the fort (Sat. 10-4 and Sun. 10-3). Ronnie Lail and Mike Mankin will be presenting the Scottish culture in the Tavern, The Bennetts will be presenting the English culture in the Talbot House, Col. McCroskey will be presenting the Irish culture in Cabin #3, Ramona Invidiato and Mike Coon will be presenting the German culture in Cabin #4, and I will be presenting the Dutch culture in Cabin #5. Please come out and join in the Old Christmas festivities. All other 18th century demos and presentations are welcome.


Also the good folks at the Blockhouse at Natural Tunnel State Park in Duffield, VA will be having their Old Christmas Gathering on Saturday evening from 5-7. Some of us are planning to caravan up there after our event. Everyone is welcome to attend.


TAKE NOTICE: Saturday morning at 8:30 before we get started at the fort, we need some of you men to join us at Matheson Sound Tech Recording here in Elizabethton. We need to record a few minutes of audio for the Watauga Association area in the new museum. If you are willing and able to do this please let me know ASAP and I can give you the details.


As always, please contact me with any question, comments, or concerns.


Your Servant,


Major Bogart


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