Chocolate Making at the Genessee County Village and Museum, upstate NY

Chocolate Making at the Genessee County Village and Museum, upstate NY

THE HISTORIC DIVISION OF MARS IS COMING TO SYCAMORE SHOALS! As many of you are aware, the Mars (chocolate fame) family is gaga about the Revolutionary War and single- handedly funded fort Ticonderoga’s exhibits. Many of the priceless arms in the extensive armory there are from the family’s collection. The historic division of Mars produces some of the finest chocolate you’ve ever tasted; from beginning to end, this chocolate is produced by hand and using 18th century methods and spices. This chocolate is sold at many important Rev War sites including Williamsburg and fort Ti. Besides selling, the company trains local living historians in the production and making of this chocolate with the idea of educating the public. Who knows what other good things may come from this alliance!

Because we are one of the few actual Revolutionary War sites in the South, the Mars Company contacted Jason, then Jennifer with the idea of training people and selling their product at Sycamore Shoals. To further that end, Mars is sending their people to train any one who is interested in the process of 18th century chocolate making.

Chocolate training with MARS will be at 3 pm on Friday, May 17th in the Visitors Center. Anyone who is interested is invited to come!


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