Old Friends, New Ideas: Joining Places, Joining Hands

wilderness road 2At the end of January, I was honored to represent Sycamore Shoals as an observer-participant at the History Summit attended by representatives of all the State parks in South West Virginia and Kentucky, Cumberland Gap National Historical Park and others like the Daniel Boone Association and The Friends of the Boone Trace . it was a gathering of all those places that mark the journey of Daniel Boone and the opening up and expansion of the Trail from Sycamore Shoals where it first began with the signing of the Transylvania Purchase and the jumping off place of the first families to move past the Districts of the mountains of North Carolina, to Fort Boonesboro, where the population disseminated from there. It was an initial planning and meet and greet to get ready for the 250th Anniversary of the opening up the Trace
. As the staff was in in-service at that time in Nashville and Chad Bogart was literally the only one holding down the fort, I went in his place and my job was to be his eyes and ears (and mouth occassionally) throughout the whole thing .Altogether, it was a very eye-opening experience and while I was there, got to know better people I already was acquainted with and met some very nice new friends. I truly began to appreciate the importance of the work of Daniel Boone, the Wilderness Road, the Daniel Boone Trail and Trace and how these people hacked a Paradise in this wild place.dan1

Joan Short, a volunteer at the Natural Tunnel State Park and now President of the Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Asssociation , came to the Carter Mansion on Tuesday and asked if I wanted to come to their meeting held today. I said I would and sure enough, I did. It amazed me how much work they do in that area, educational and school programs, monthly talks and more , with the goal of telling the story of the Westward expansion of people from the Frontier to the Frontier over the Mountains into Kyn-tuck and points beyond. It drove home to me how our locations are inextricably linked as our stories overlap so closely.

With that in mind, over the next few days, I’m putting up the links to all of the parks along the Wilderness Road and the Daniel Boone Trail in a separate section along the right margin and I do hope you visit them frequently to see all the wonderful things each group is doing. You will be able to see how the stories interlink and how hard people are working to keep our heritage alive.

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