Jennifer Bauer sent this message from Joe Greene, director of “Liberty!”.

All Liberty cast and crew and members of the Washington CoMilitia,

I have some great news.

Thursday June 11th we will be shooting our first new commercial spot for this year’s show.

We will also be using this time to shoot a longer video to post on our website and Facebook page.

If you are a main character we really need you to be there. Especially John Sevier, Bonnie Kate, Mr and Mrs Carter, Robert and Mary Young, Rev. Doak, Bess, Chester, Robertson’s, all Indians, and anyone wanting to play British soldiers. We would also love to have all walk-ons come and be a part as well.

We will have our normal rehearsal at 6, then about 7:30 or a little before, we will move down to the fort to start shooting. So please come out and help us make this as big as possible!

Thanks in advance, Joe Greene.


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