Musings: Independence Day Muster, June 27-28

An important event that the Regiment does is the Fourth of July muster which was held at the end of June. It was rainy and rather nasty weather, especially on Friday night when the whole earth seemed to be deluged and it seemed that Noah’s ark was going to come floating by, carrying two of everything except a couple of Patriots. It was quiet that night. I shared my space with Bucky and Matt Simmerly who were stuck with me in cabin 4. All of us wondered whether the fly in front would hold, as it was precariously rigged to the front of the cabin and had a rather large swag in it. The grounds of the fort were becoming Lake Watauga and the water crept inexorably closer to the door. Fortunately the fly held and provided everyone with much needed shelter and shade as the weekend progressed. Dan Akerblom set up the tavern and it looked SWEET. The Bennetts were in the Talbot house and cozy was the best way to describe it. I worried about Kim and Earl down in the woods but they seemed well protected by the trees. It was a cooking weekend for me. I dug out a perfect cooking pit and as all set to cook outside as people would have on hot summer days but with the rains coming and going, that was not meant to be. It was a bit sweaty in the cabin but it’s good for the soul.



Ken and Tammy Markum

Ken and Tammy Markum

Saturday was cool and the rains held off until after the event closed. Jennifer Bauer spun wonderful wool in front and the members gathered to raise the colors and set the tone for the day. To all of us, this day is important. When J.C. Davis read the declaration to the crowd, one could feel goosebumps. I saw three generations, J.C., Jason and his son and realized that some of the same complaints raised by Jefferson are now resurfacing and as I observed the public, placidly listened to the reading,I wondered if they could feel the winds of change the way I did. Looking at the Davis family, I wondered how long this great country would endure, as it is flapping in a moral breeze. I wondered if Jason’s son and the other children would enjoy the freedoms that we seem to have taken for granted. I wondered if people actually realized how precariously our nation stands on the slippery slope between a cherished republic so hard won and a self -imposed “politically correct” tyranny created by those with agendas who want to dismantle this country, adjust or erase our history and moral structure.This is allowed because of public apathy, lack of knowledge of the past, lack of interest in the future except what people can get,and politicians who have lost sight of the common good. I wondered if they realized that freedom, like entitlements, isn’t “free” and they are paid for by a stalwart and hard working few holding together the hapless many. In the midst of all the huzzahs, musket firing and drumming,these were  sobering thoughts that stuck with me the whole weekend. Then I saw the children and newer members . Dan enlisted two fledgling carpenters (Ivan and Cohen Daniels) and all three built a wonderful pie shelf to fit in the window of the cabin. I saw all these children and thought maybe they will figure it out;they are living this history and will remember.

Jennifer Bauer and her beautiful grandchildren

Jennifer Bauer and her beautiful grandchildren

Cohen Daniels, apprentice carpenter, helping Dan Akerblom install a pie shelf for blackberry pie and other delectables coming through.

Cohen Daniels, apprentice carpenter, helping Dan Akerblom install a pie shelf for blackberry pie and other delectables coming through.


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  1. theresa phelps

    love the picture of Jennifers grandchildren


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