TweetsieTrail_b&wLogo_011014*Jennifer passed this along. She needs the volunteers for SATURDAY.

On Friday and Saturday, September 4 & 5, the City of Elizabethton is hosting the Tweetsie Trail Celebration.  A big part of the event is the “Tweetsie Trail Treasure Trip.”    The full description of this is at the end of this email.

Basically, they have asked us to set up a station across the road from the Sycamore Shoals St. Hist. Park entrance on the Tweetsie Trail from 8 am til 3 pm.  When folks stop at the station, they complete a task related to our park, get a token, and move on to the next station.

I am trying to set up a schedule of volunteers who would take turns at the Sycamore Shoals station throughout the day.  They would like you all to be dressed in period clothing.
We would have a pop-up out there for shade and chairs (and table if needed for the activity).

If you can come for one or more hours, please respond and let me know what times you can be there.

Also, if you have some ideas for the “task/activity” that a person could do at our station, please share!  It would have to be 5 min or less, I would think, as folks will be trying to get around to a lot of stops that day.

Thank you for considering this!



“The Golden Trail section of this event will run from Dixon Park located directly across from Sycamore Shoals State Park to Harold McCormick Elementary. Participants along this section of the trail will find five historic Tweetsie Trail Depot’s. Each Depot’s will represent a unique treasure found in Elizabethton and Carter County; one that promotes the quality of life and history found within the our beautiful community.

Participants will be challenged to complete a simply task associated with the treasure found at the depot. They will also qualify for a gift associated with this treasure stop. If they complete the task the participant will be given a token and will then move on to the next Tweetsie Trail Depot.

Those participants that obtain five tokens will automatically qualify for a cash and prize drawing valued at $500.00.  Those participants that receive all five tokens will be asked to attend the Tweetsie Trail Family Celebration that will be held at Elizabethton High School later that evening. Each participant that attends the event with the five depot tokens in hand will be given a boarding pass to see if they win the Tweetsie Trail Treasure Hunt grand prize.”

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