Good Afternoon,


Just wanted to let everyone know that all of the cabins are full for Old Christmas presentations.


Tavern – Dutch

Talbot House – English

#3 – Irish

#4 – German

#5 – French


Many thanks to the members who agreed to present these different cultures for what has become one of our most beloved events.

If you wish to present another culture the whole fort area is open and at your disposal. You can also set up in the visitors center if you wish. I would love to see this event grow. Let me know your wishes.


Questions, Comments, and Concerns are always welcomed…


Thank You & Take Care,

Col. Bogart

ED NOTE: I am working on the 2016 calendar of REGIONAL EVENTS. If you know of an event not listed or a date for an event that is listed except for a date, please email me at so that I can continue to provide the best and most current information.


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