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April Muster: Carter Mansion Celebration, April 2-3

Saturday, April 2 & Sunday, April 3   

Ramona Invidiato


Travel back to the 1780s… The American colonies have declared Independence, but the outcome of this bitter struggle is still in question. Hardy frontiersmen have crossed the mountains in defiance of British law and have carved out homes in the wilderness. Conflict is rising between American Patriots, Loyalists who support the Crown, and native Indians who struggle to retain their way of life. But the people of this time still find cause for celebration and merriment so come out and see it all come together at the oldest frame house in Tennessee.

The Historic John and Landon Carter Mansion, built ca. 1775-1780, boasts beautiful over mantle murals, hand carved moldings and raised panels making it one of the most treasured sites in Tennessee history. The house is the only surviving link to the famed Watauga Association, the democratic government set up by the early settlers in the Watauga Valley. The home’s builder, John Carter, served as a chairman of the Association.

The Washington County Regiment of North Carolina Militia, Sycamore Shoals’ host living history organization, will be celebrating its seven-year anniversary during this exciting celebration! The Militia will be encamped on the grounds of the Carter Mansion and will present demonstrations of the daily lives of 18th century backwoods settlers. As part of the activities a re-enactment of a small battle between Patriots and Tories will be presented each day.

Local craftsmen and artisans will be on hand throughout the weekend showcasing and demonstration traditional arts and crafts. Other activities throughout the weekend will include Tours of the Carter Mansion: Tennessee’s oldest frame house, Militia Drill, Musket and Rifle demonstrations, Traditional Music, Storytelling, Colonial Military Music by the Watauga Valley Fifes and Drums, and much more. Come join us for a weekend of History, Entertainment, and Family Fun!


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Fife and Drum Fund Raiser, March 28


The Fife and Drum is having a fund raiser at the Pizza Inn in Elizabethton next Monday between 5 and 9 PM. The Watauga Valley Fife and Drum has been recognized by the TN legislature as being the official fife and drum group in the State, however they are totally self funded.   They work very hard and diligently to be the best they can be. Please come out and support.

fife and drum good

Watauga Fife and Drum

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Good Afternoon,


Just wanted to let everyone know that all of the cabins are full for Old Christmas presentations.


Tavern – Dutch

Talbot House – English

#3 – Irish

#4 – German

#5 – French


Many thanks to the members who agreed to present these different cultures for what has become one of our most beloved events.

If you wish to present another culture the whole fort area is open and at your disposal. You can also set up in the visitors center if you wish. I would love to see this event grow. Let me know your wishes.


Questions, Comments, and Concerns are always welcomed…


Thank You & Take Care,

Col. Bogart

ED NOTE: I am working on the 2016 calendar of REGIONAL EVENTS. If you know of an event not listed or a date for an event that is listed except for a date, please email me at so that I can continue to provide the best and most current information.

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Christmas at the Carter Mansion


Carter Mansion

Sycamore Shoals State Historic Area Presents:


Christmas at the Carter Mansion


Friday and Saturday, December 4 and 5

6 – 9 pm

The Historic John and Landon Carter Mansion

Broad Street Extension

Elizabethton, Tennessee


Are you tired of the hustle and bustle that always accompanies this time of year? If so, step back in time to the 18th century and enjoy a colonial Christmas at the beautiful Carter Mansion. Join Colonel John Carter, the Carter family, and all their friends for a glimpse into simpler time, when Christmas was the grandest celebration of the entire year. In colonial America the Christmas season was celebrated as month long array of merriment and festivities signaled by caroling, feasting, dances, foxhunts, and the firing of Christmas guns. Christmas on the colonial frontier would have been much different though, with only the simplest of pleasures being offered by the humble backwoods settlers. However, in contrast, the Carters would have displayed an opulence only seen in the finest homes of Williamsburg or Philadelphia.

Spend a candlelit evening in the oldest frame house in Tennessee, decorated with bright greenery for the holidays.  Enjoy music, hot cider, and 18th century interpreters as they transport you to a Colonial American Christmas. Christmas tours are available by reservation only. Tours begin at 6:00pm and a new tour starts every twenty minutes until 8:40pm. Please contact the park to reserve your tour time. Admission is $5.00 for Adults 18 years of age and above and is nonrefundable. Young people 17 years of age and under are free of charge, however a reservation must be made. All donations are graciously accepted and will go to support future programming at the Carter Mansion. We look forward to your visit for this one-of-a-kind holiday gathering! The Carter Mansion is located at 1031 Broad Street, Elizabethton, TN 37643.704867_10152351203500424_1432039283_o

For more information or to schedule your tour, contact:

Sycamore Shoals State Historic Area

1651 West Elk Avenue

Elizabethton, TN  37643

(423) 543-5808

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It’s a New Year

it’s been a while since I’ve blogged with so many intervening things that have distracted and waylaid me. I’m back, however , and retired so now I can get back to work. This blog unlike the several from Sycamore Shoals Historical Site will focus on what the Militia and Regiment are doing. Please help me , Militia members, by doing two things, contribute your experiences ,especially of events that you have been to. That’s one and important as so many go to events up and down the coast. The other is to check the side links and if there are any that are dead, please let me know so I can fix them.




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Col. McCroskey and Major Bogart

Col. McCroskey and Major Bogart

To the Washington Co. Militia,

Good evening everyone, I hope this finds you all very well. I spoke with the Colonel this afternoon and he updated me on his condition and surgery date. Bob went today for pre-surgery consultation. He has to have a heart valve replacement and triple bypass. Originally it was thought that only a single bypass was needed, but today’s results showed two more blockages. Bob’s surgery will be on Thursday, October 24th. If all goes well, the surgeon expects a 4-5 hour operation time, a 5 day recovery stay in the hospital, and at least one month without driving. Bob asks for everyone’s thoughts and prayers because he knows they are heard and answered. Please keep our Colonel in your daily prayers. I will update you all as soon as additional information becomes available.


Major Bogart

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Overmountain Victory Muster Coming up Next Weekend!

Sycamore Shoals State Historic Area Presents:

The Overmountain Victory Trail Celebration
Saturday and Sunday, September 21 and 22

The Overmountain Victory Trail River Crossing
Wednesday, September 25

It was the year 1780.
The tide of the Revolution had turned against the colonists. The British, forced out of New England, gained new allies in the divided South and won victory after victory in a bloody civil war. Charleston had fallen, and American forces had crumbled at the battle of Camden.
But then the impossible occurred…
The frontiersmen of the western mountains began a long march, gathering an army along the way, from the highlands of Virginia to the hills of South Carolina. There, at a place called King’s Mountain, they destroyed an army and opened the way for the final American victory at Yorktown.
The route they took to from Virginia to South Carolina, we now know as the Overmountain Victory Trail. Come celebrate with us as we recreate the muster of the Overmountain Men, which occurred here at Sycamore Shoals over two hundred years ago…

To the Washington Co. Militia,

Attached is the schedule for our muster at the fort on September 21 – 22.
Thanks in advance to those who were willing to present a program. I look forward to seeing you all.
Saturday and Sunday, September 21 and 22
The Overmountain Victory Trail Celebration
On September 25th 1780, a host of frontiersmen gathered at the Sycamore Shoals of the Watauga. Their mission was to form an army and launch an attack against a British-led force that had threatened their lands and homes. Re-enactors in period clothing will be on hand throughout the weekend to share stories of the excitement and danger of that tumultuous time.

Wednesday, September 25
The Overmountain Victory Trail Crossing
On September 25, 1780, the Overmountain Men gathered at Sycamore Shoals on their march to victory at King’s Mountain. Members of the Overmountain Victory Trail Association have recreated this historic journey since 1975, following the same route and timetable as their legendary forebears. Marchers will cross the Watauga River at the Sycamore Shoals, as the frontiersmen would have done 233 years ago.
Approximate time of crossing the river is 2:00 pm

Sponsored by the Washington County Regiment of North Carolina Militia
and the Friends of Sycamore Shoals State Historic Area

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