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COL.BOGART’S MISSIVE: Fort Volunteers and Auction Items


Good morning everyone,


I have attached the updated volunteer sheet for Saturdays at the Fort. If you would like to take a Saturday that is open please let me know.


Also please be thinking about bring in your auction items for the Siege. We have very few items as of now.


Thank You,

Col. Bogart

2016 Saturday Volunteers at Fort Watauga


 Date                                Volunteer                             Event at Park           Notes/Other

May 7 Ramona Invidiato Frontier Hist. Expedition  
May 14   Flint Knapping Workshop Bird Walk
May 21 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Siege of Fort Watauga  
May 28     Memorial Day Weekend
June 4 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Native American Festival  
June 11 Ramona Invidiato    
June 18     Flag Day
June 25      
July 2 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Independence Muster July 4th Weekend
July 9      
July 16     Liberty Drama Night
July 23 Ramona Invidiato   Liberty Drama Night
July 30     Liberty Drama Night
Aug 6   Scottish Heavy Athletics Butterfly Count & Gardening Workshop
Aug 13     Crockett Days Event
Aug 20   Natural Dyeing in Fort  
Aug 27 Ramona Invidiato Knap – In Basketry Workshop
Sept 3     Labor Day Weekend
Sept 10 Ramona Invidiato    
Sept 17   SAR “Gathering”  
Sept 24 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx OVT Celebration  
Oct 1 Ramona Invidiato Bird Walk  
Oct  8   Quilt Show & Bird Walk  
Oct  15   Bird Walk  
Oct  22 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Celtic Fest. & Bird Walk  
Oct  29 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Haunted Forrest/Fort Bird Walk/Basket Class
Nov 5 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Military Timeline/Harvest Fiber Show in Visitor C.
Nov 12     Journal Workshop
Nov 19 Ramona Invidiato    
Nov 26     Thanksgiving Weekend
Dec 3   Carter Mansion Christmas  
Dec 10 Ramona Invidiato    
Dec 17      
Dec 24 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Holiday/Closed Christmas Eve
Dec 31 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Holiday/Closed New Years Eve

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Col. Bogart’s Missive: Carter Mansion Lineup and Dues

Good Morning Everyone,


I hope everyone is well and filled with the joy of the Easter Holiday. I wanted to update everyone that sent in their dues. They have been received and have been sent to the treasurer of the Friends group. Your checks should hopefully clear on your next statement.


I’m looking forward to seeing you all at the Carter Mansion Celebration on April 2-3. I want to encourage as many as will to come and camp. We have bathroom facilities at the mansion but no showers. I will arrange to have the shower facilities at the park open if anyone wishes to use them.


So far we have a great lineup of activities….


Salute to the Carter Family

Battle both days

House tours

Church/Communion Service

Flint knapping – Bob Estep

Sheep – Doan family

Music – Fifes & Drums/Smith Boys

Surveying – Maj. Ledbetter

Corn Shuck Dolls – Tammy M.

Inkle Loom – Travis S.

18th Century Beverages – John & Becky G.


If anyone else would like to present a program or display please let me know. It’s not too late.


Thank You,

Col. Bogart

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Col. Bogart’s Missive: Prayer Request


Col. Emeritus McCroskey

Good Afternoon Everyone,


I received a call from Bob McCroskey the other evening. Bob’s sister, Mary Lou, whom he often mentioned at our church services, passed away last week. Bob always mentioned how much she appreciated our thoughts and prayers and said that she was confident that it was the prayers that kept her going eight years further than she was given by the doctors. Join with me in prayer as we ask for comfort for Bob and his family.


Also Let’s remember Bob Ritchie. He has some major decisions to make concerning heart surgeries. I know that he and Norma will appreciate all the thoughts and prayers we can offer.



Col. Bogart

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Good Afternoon,


First, I wish to thank all that were able to go to Walnut Grove this past weekend. It was a most enjoyable time and the site manager and our host (the SC Rangers & Capt. Moss) were very appreciative of our assistance and presence.


The Carter Mansion celebration is coming up soon. April 2-3. You may recall that we decided to scrap doing the Colonial Skills and Trades in February on account of the unpredictable weather, and chose to present them at the Carter Mansion Celebration instead. This is a great time to showcase these types of programs. The weather is warming up and there is no lovelier place than the Carter Mansion. Please let me know if you would like to present a program, display, or talk that weekend. I am open to new ideas and comments.


As usual we will be doing the salute to the Carter Family in the cemetery Saturday morning and the Skirmish both days at 1pm so come prepared to shoot.




Col. Bogart


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Good Afternoon Everyone,


First I want to thank everyone that came out for the Winter Militia Muster this past weekend. I enjoyed everyone’s company and we got in  a lot of good drill and artillery training. Thanks Ramona and Lisa for all the delicious food and refreshment. Each cabin was alive with activity, and Earl and Kim had a great looking hunters camp in the woods. Also many thanks to the Fifes & Drums for some great music this weekend.


As many of you remember. The Walnut Grove event last October was cancelled due to torrential rain and flooding. The make-up date for the event is March 5-6. I need a count of who plans to go ASAP so I can let the event coordinators know our numbers.


Also, as stated this weekend, the Carter Mansion Celebration will have to be moved to accommodate the event at Cumberland Gap. The only date that is good for the park is the first weekend in April. The 2nd and 3rd . This will be the weekend after Easter and the weekend before Cumberland Gap. Also, on the weekend of the 16th and 17th , Davy Crockett Birthplace will be hosting a primitive encampment weekend for the OVTA. Below is a schedule from now until May.


March 5-6: Walnut Grove, Roebuck, SC

April 2-3: Carter Mansion Celebration

April 9,10,11: Cumberland Gap

April 16-17: Davy Crockett OVTA weekend

April 30 – May 1: Blockhouse Event, Natural Tunnel State Park

May 7: Kickoff to the Frontier Expedition Event. SSSHP

May 13,14,15: Martin’s Station

May21-22: Siege of Fort Watauga


Lots to plan for!


Also looking down the road quite a bit…

This one may come as quite a surprise. I know that many of you have expressed an interest in putting on a Haunted event in October. I spoke to Jennifer about it and she is really excited. If you think this is something that you would be interested in helping with please let me know. As of now, the likely date for such an event will be Saturday, October 29th. I think if we put it in a historical context it might spark some interest in the young folks. I don’t know…maybe something along the lines of the “ZOMBIE INVASION OF 1776” !!!


Quite a bit to think about, I know, but all fun stuff indeed. Thanks again and I look forward to our next meeting.


Take Care,

Col. Bogart

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From the Office of the Colonel: Dues are Due


Time is now.

A friendly reminder that Dues are Due.  The deadline is February 29th so what better time to pay than this weekend at the Muster!


Individual dues are $25.00 and family dues are $35.00. As always $10.00 of your payment goes to pay for insurance and the remainder goes into the general fund.

Please remember, only Full Members pay dues. Trial Members do not.

Please make checks payable to “FSSSHA” (Friends of Sycamore Shoals State Historic Area).

On the memo line of the check please write “Militia Dues”.

Please send dues to Sycamore Shoals State Historic Area, Attn: Washington Co. Militia 1651 W. Elk Ave. Elizabethton, TN 37643.


If you plan to pay this weekend, you may pay me directly or leave your payment at the front dest to be placed in my office.


Thank You,

Col. Bogart


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Good Morning Everyone,


The maintenance staff at the park has been working on the grounds around the outside of the fort near cabin #5. The area has been re-graded, and sewn in grass seed. The area has been closed off with fence rails, but may not be as visible in the dark. If you plan to unload your vehicle this weekend and normally drive around that side of the fort, please be advised that this area is off limits.


Hope to see you this weekend,

Col. Bogart


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