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Now THAT is a flag raising!

Now THAT is a flag raising!

Good Afternoon,

For those who will be helping out during the school day please take notice. I spoke with Colonel McCroskey yesterday and he would like to have a flag raising ceremony on Friday, September 25th at 8:30am before the school kids arrive.

Thank You,

Maj. Bogart

I’m glad Bob asked to have a flag raising. Lately there has been so much in the news about people burning and stomping flags that it almost brings me to tears, whether out of frustration or sadness, I can’t say. Maybe both. I remember being in college during the height of the Vietnam War and saw someone try to burn a flag. As much as I was opposed to the war, I respected the men who chose to go and fight and respected the country which did not persecute a peaceful dissenter. Whether it’s a Confederate flag, Gadsden flag or an American one, flags
such as these represent a history and a people who lived and died for a belief. The miracle is that in this country, people can pull together in times of stress or tragedy and raise their children in a place of relative safety, prosperity and opportunity. I hope that those who disrespect the flag keep in mind that the history of this country created a climate where they can do such a thing with impunity.

‘Nuff said…..

Grand OLD flag

Grand OLD flag


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