Col. Bogart’s Missive: Carter Mansion Lineup and Dues

Good Morning Everyone,


I hope everyone is well and filled with the joy of the Easter Holiday. I wanted to update everyone that sent in their dues. They have been received and have been sent to the treasurer of the Friends group. Your checks should hopefully clear on your next statement.


I’m looking forward to seeing you all at the Carter Mansion Celebration on April 2-3. I want to encourage as many as will to come and camp. We have bathroom facilities at the mansion but no showers. I will arrange to have the shower facilities at the park open if anyone wishes to use them.


So far we have a great lineup of activities….


Salute to the Carter Family

Battle both days

House tours

Church/Communion Service

Flint knapping – Bob Estep

Sheep – Doan family

Music – Fifes & Drums/Smith Boys

Surveying – Maj. Ledbetter

Corn Shuck Dolls – Tammy M.

Inkle Loom – Travis S.

18th Century Beverages – John & Becky G.


If anyone else would like to present a program or display please let me know. It’s not too late.


Thank You,

Col. Bogart

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