Dragging Canoe drawn by Mike Smith

Towards the end of March, the regiment will be recreating the treaty agreement between Henderson and Attaculacula. Rather than do a lot of plagerizing, I got together some of the best links to other sites which will give anyone interested a refresher course in Tennessee history. There are many with primary sources which make for some excellent reading.

One of the most interesting on line research sites is which gives the native side of the story and worth checking out.

North Carolina History project has primary source material on the Transylvania Purchase :

The best source I’ve seen forever- George Washington Ranck’s book called 

Boonesborough: Its Founding, Pioneer Struggles, Indian Experiences

It’s been digitalized as a Google book ; start with the appendix- ALL primary sources!! Starting on  pg 151 is the actual Treaty and from there  all of the correspondance dealing with it and the legislation to set up the “colony”.

John Fingers wrote an excellent piece in the e-zine ,  Sequoyah Speaks , called Sycamore Shoals. Very well written and very easy reading

There is also an excellent WEB BOOK Called the Treaty of Sycamore Shoals. Starting on Chapter 14 it goes into detail about what happened between Henderson and the Transylvania Company but I’d go back to Chapter 10 or so- really good read.

Finally, one for the homies- TN GEN NET Project: Colonial Period Indian Land Concessions

As they seys in tha hills, ” ater than ‘un, there ain’t no mo!”


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