Walnut Grove Plantation near Spartanburg, SC. On the way to Guilford Courthouse.To the Washington County Militia,

For those who heard the Colonel’s request to be at the Meeting of the Friends of Sycamore Shoals. That meeting is not tonight but next Thursday the 19th.

Take Care

Captain Bogart

Chad also sent the following events which are special invitations to the Militia. I don’t know about the others but I understand that Musgrove Mills and Walnut Grove are wonderful events and can you can only participate if your group has an established rep. We’re coming up in the world, boys!

Doe River Gorge “Father – Son Challenge”

Sept. 10 – 12 (for sons ages 8 – 12)

Oct. 8 – 10 (For sons ages 13 and up)

Please call 423-725-4010

This is a Father – Son retreat dealing with all things outdoors. The coordinator thought it would be interesting to have historic hunting, fishing, trekking, and firearms presented. Expences will paid for your supplies. I told him that if someone could attend they would personally contact them.

Dedication of the Piney Flats Village

Sept. 11

Please call Mrs. Hunigan 423-538-6388 or Mrs. Pierce 423-538-6235

This is an all day celebration in which Piney Flats, TN will be dedicated as a “Historic Village” They would like to have both colonial and native re-enactors present. Again, if you can attend please personally contact these ladies.

Musgrove’s Mill

August 14 – 15

This is a personal invite from Captain John Moss of the South Carolina Rangers.


Walnut Grove Plantation

Spartanburg, SC

October 2 –3

This is also a personal invite from Captain John Moss of the South Carolina Rangers. John has been put in charge of this event, and from what I hear it’s a really nice event.

John and his group have been really supportive of our new unit so if you can attend I’m sure he would be personally grateful.


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  1. Randy Curde

    Sterling and I have tentative plans on Walnut Grove if it doesn’t conflict w/ any of our reg. stuff or with scouts..:)


  2. Randy Curde

    ………Anyone else thinking about Walnut Grove ???, Randy


  3. Sherry Shook

    Honey and I are thinking about going. David has several family members in that area.


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